Meet Ani Mirasol

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
& Certified Group Psychotherapist

Master of Science in Social Work, The University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Illinois State University

Inquisitive. Insightful. Intuitive.

I have always been profoundly curious about the world.

I started my personal development journey young, determined to end generational cycles in my family. Growing up in a challenging environment, I developed the exceptional ability to quickly read people and situations. After spending years avoiding and numbing my feelings, I got tired of the pain and finally addressed the root issues. 

I have a deep, personal calling to this work. My mission is to help people heal trauma at the root level, rebuild and strengthen their core, and rise above their past.

Inspired to help people claim their space and their voice, my work began as a race, class, and gender researcher and sexual health educator. I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Sociology before formalizing my interests with a Master of Science in Social Work from UT-Austin.

Initially, I went on to work with teens in the foster care and juvenile justice systems, where I became known as the go-to therapist for “really tough teens.” Later, I worked in a psychiatric hospital, before to opening my private practice in 2017. In 2020, I went virtual.  

I mostly work with adults these days – strong, independent folks who want more out of life. My practice is really about helping you connect with your passion, power, and purpose.

When not nerding out on psychotherapy-related topics, you’ll find me outside in or near water, reading a book in the shade, snuggling my pups on the couch, or singing and dancing like no one is watching. 

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