About Ani Mirasol

I welcome all of you into the therapy room.

I won't judge you, your background, or assert my own beliefs onto you. Promise.

I believe our lives are inextricably influenced by a host of factors, including sex, gender, race, class, ability, and more. Areas where you may hold privilege or experience oppression are important to our work together as it directly impacts our relationships with others and ourself.

I actively work to understand my own privilege, particularly white privilege, and undoing racism. I am body positive and practice Health At Every Size.
I am LGB and T welcoming, sex positive, kink knowledgable, and comfortable discussing or navigating consensually non-monogamous relationships.

It is important you feel safe, welcomed, and accepted in entirety. We won't be able to do good work together if you feel you have to hide parts of yourself. I'm happy to answer questions you may have about this.

My Story

Ani (“rhymes with Bonnie”) Mirasol was a therapist long before she knew what one was. Growing up in a family with addiction and mental illness, she fine-tuned an exceptional skill at reading situations and people. Inspired to help people claim their space and their voice, she grew into a passionate race, gender, sexuality, and disability activist, before formalizing that interest with a Masters of Science in Social Work from UT-Austin.

Through her work with teens in the  foster care and juvenile justice systems, Ani became known as the “go-to therapist” for “really tough teens,” though today, her practice is more focused on adults. A self-described “lifestyle archeologist” with a pitch-perfect bullshit-o-meter, Ani likes to dig deep for deep change—excavating your shit, studying it, and figuring out where the pieces fit in the museum of yourself.

When she’s not working, Ani enjoys spending time outdoors, reading for pleasure, and cuddling with her elderly pup.

Are You Ready To Finally Be Unapologetically You?

My Training

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