And also F*CK TRAUMA.

Anyone else feeling this way recently? Current events have you feeling the feels? Are you more tearful or sad than usual? Scared? Angry? Helpless or hopeless? If so, you’re not alone. 


Hi, Hello, Welcome. I’m Ani, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, anti-oppression therapist, and the ultimate shame destroyer. 


Let’s be honest, between the ongoing pandemic, quarantine fatigue, racial and political unrest – shit’s been real. 


Many policies have been especially challenging to members of oppressed groups, as well as those with trauma histories. 


Folks who had chaotic childhoods and/or abusive relationships seem especially prone to toxic shame. 


Shame breeds in isolation. 

Connection with others is the antidote to shame. 

Let’s slay those shame dragons together! 


Living in a time of toxic stress takes a toll. 


It feels scary and unstable. 


So come learn how to stay grounded and connected in an increasingly stressful time in my new eight week workshop:

"The F*ck Shame Group"
A new ONLINE group for adults looking to tackle their hurts head-on, no BS.

This group is especially great for:

  • people who are survivors of emotional neglect, narcissistic abuse, and/or sexual violence
  • anyone who is a change-maker or activist, helper or healer, teacher or mentor at heart
  • those who are generally worried by / stressed about current national and world events 

What to expect? 

  • A shared community who ‘gets’ it
  • A protected place to share experiences 
  • Processing of emotions and feelings
  • Weekly support from a licensed mental health professional 
  • Experiential growth 
  • Improved clarity and communication
  • Better relationships

** You choose how much or how little you share or participate **

Themes of group include:

  • overcoming childhood abuse or neglect 
  • navigating complicated family relationships
  • imposter syndrome, feeling like a ‘fake or fraud’
  • healthy sex and sexuality; gender, gender identity and gender roles
  • power, privilege, and oppression
  • trust, trusting yourself and/or others
  • spirituality, religion, faith
  • connection with loved ones who have different beliefs and values
** Agenda & topics will be collaboratively decided within
the group to best address individual and collective needs. **

Come learn how to stay grounded and connected in an increasingly stressful time. 

Please email me at AniMirasol@gmail.com or click the button below for more info!