Who I Work With

I work with badasses, just like YOU.
The ones who want more, take more, and demand more.
And those of you who aspire to rise up in this way.
My specialties include:

Trauma Survivors

At one or more points in your beautiful life, you likely experienced some f*cked-up shit that fundamentally changed you. 

Maybe you’ve witnessed or experienced violence or neglect. Perhaps you were in a controlling or manipulative relationship full of gaslighting and lies. You might have experienced a sudden loss that changed everything.

Even if no one else knows it, you’re suffering in silence and winding down at the end of the day with cupcakes, cocktails, and too much TV.

Stress and trauma remain in the body long after the initial event. Back, neck, and shoulder pain; fibromyalgia; upset stomach and indigestion; migraines; chronic fatigue—after years of running at full-throttle, eventually your body just gets tired! If your physical functioning or immune system has slowed down, it may be a sign that you need to slow down, too.

To be the absolute best version of YOU, we have to help you drop that baggage you’ve been carrying around. The old hurts. The crappy childhood. The broken heart. The relationship struggles. All that stuff that makes it hard for you to trust yourself, let alone trust others.

Let’s free your soul.

Women & Femmes

You’re fierce. But sometimes you get in your own way. 

You know what I’m talking about – that shitty roommate in your head who tries to bring you down, the inner critic who fills you doubt and leaves you feeling like an imposter, that nagging worry that you’re not enough, yet also feeling like you’re too much. It’s confusing, right?! 

Women and femmes experience different pressures. Gender stereotypes impact every area of life, from dating and relationships to caretaking responsibilities, emotional labor and division of labor – not to mention “doing it all” while adhering to ridiculous beauty standards. Oh, and the glass ceiling still hasn’t been shattered.

In our culture, women and femmes are expected to be quiet and subservient. Women and femmes have rage, too, and rightfully so! Stop stuffing your anger down – externalize it and move from sad hopelessness to empowered strength

With all the pressure, it’s not surprising if you are a people-pleaser, conflict-avoider, perfectionism-chaser. It’s time to break free from outdated gender stereotypes.

Let’s pave the way for a new bold narrative.


Helpers & Healers

Fellow helpers and healers, 

You need your own safe spaces to receive care and support. 

You spend so much time pouring into others, that you’re tired and likely struggling with your own anxiety, depression, or grief. Your work is hard and you’re at risk for compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, and burnout.

Sensitive and intuitive, you can easily take on too much responsibility and become overwhelmed. If you entered the helping professions due to your own past life experiences: this work may be triggering, it will bring up your own stuff, and it’s essential you’re adequately supported. 

Are you a therapy graduate student or new practitioner looking to launch your first business? I love helping new professionals launch their practices, monetize their skills, and develop healthy work/life balance! 

Most likely, you’re a smart, badass change-maker—rebellious and spirited and ready to rule the world—but you’re prevented from moving forward by the paralyzing cycle of anxiety and depression.

Let’s  help you soar.

Queer & Questioning

Your journey to queerness is motherf*cking magic. 

You might be curious or confused and need a space to explore your gender or sexuality. Maybe you’re already out and proud, but need help dating or building queer community. Perhaps you’re in a hetero-appearing relationship and your queerness is invisible and erased. 

Likely, you feel or have felt like a queer imposter, questioning if you belong in the queer community, asking yourself, “Am I queer enough?”

Yes, YOU, dear one, are queer enough.

Whether you’re brand new to queerness or you’ve known you’re queer since you were 5, you are queer enough. If you’ve never kissed or dated a same-sex partner, you are queer enough. If no one knows but you, you are still queer enough. 

Welcome home.

You are entitled to love, pleasure, and joy – it is your birthright.

Let’s shed the shame and build your ideal life. 

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In a phrase: “taboo” topics. Nothing is “too much,” “too hard,” or “off-limits” when it comes to supporting you.

Body Liberation

It’s hard having a body. 

You receive messages about your body everywhere. “Eat this, don’t eat that!” says the $72 billion dollar health and wellness industry. Bodies are often considered projects to be fixed, nipped, or tucked – an unspoken demand for perfection. 

You do not have to live like this; you can opt out of these beliefs.

Using Health At Every Size ® + Body Trust ® frameworks, we explore that relationship that you have with your body, learn to listen to body cues and sensations, notice how feelings show up in your body and practicing self- soothing.

All bodies should be free from social and political systems of oppression that designate certain bodies as more worthy, healthy, and desirable than others.

Let’s explore what your body is actually telling you.

Difficult Childhood

Childhood was not the best time of your life and it still haunts you today.

Perhaps you’re the child of workaholics or alcoholics who rarely had time for you. Or maybe your caregivers were so consumed by their own issues – depression, grief, dating – that they weren’t emotionally available for you. You may have experienced a difficult loss, like a death or divorce, or been bullied. Whatever the circumstances, you either lost or never gained a sense of who you are. 

As a child, you developed a system to cope with the pain and manage your emotions. That brilliant system was helpful at the time but no longer serves you in this adult life. 

It’s time for a system upgrade.

Sexual Healing

Sex and sexuality are important to overall health, wellness, and identity. 

A fulfilling sex life is healthy and natural. Physical and emotional intimacy are integral parts of relationships. Our culture, while sex-obsessed, is also often sex-shaming, especially to women, femmes, and queer folx. Lack of access to medically accurate sexual health education creates confusion and shame.

Learning to talk about sex and sexuality in a healthy way may increase sexual satisfaction, connection, and pleasure with yourself and others.

Financial Freedom

Money. You make too much of it, or don’t have enough. You feel shame either way.

Guess what? As with your Significant Other or your pet, you have a relationship with money, too! You developed a money story in early childhood that today may be manifesting as hoarding or profligate spending. If you grew up in poverty, moving “up” in socioeconomic class lines often brings up strong emotions of guilt, shame, and fear.

Because we treat money like we do our bodies and sex, your relationship with money reflects your internal emotional experience.

Stress & Worry


All emotions have somatic counterparts. Trauma lives in the body long after the initial encounter. Back, neck, and shoulder pain; fibromyalgia; stomachaches and indigestion; migraines; chronic fatigue—after y

Frustration & Irritability


All emotions have somatic counterparts. Trauma lives in the body long after the initial encounter. Back, neck, and shoulder pain; fibromyalgia; stomachaches and indigestion; migraines; chronic fatigue—after y

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